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Years ago I came up the idea of a scooter body with wood laminate and has been now that I have found time and means to develop it.

The result is a sample of how the material chosen affects the final shape of the ensemble, since in this case requires that plywood deformations are basically simple curved.

The set comes complete with a 125 cc engine, a monotube chassis that houses the fuel tank, a multitubular subchasis that embraces the helmet hole and a progressive rear suspension with the shock under the platform.

*Albura: Sapwood, youngest part of the wood.


• Engine: One cylinder 125cc 4T water cooled, simple over head chamber and four valves. Electric starter.
• Fuel system: Electronic injection.
• Transmission: Continous variator with centrifugal clutch.
• Chassis: Steel monotube with 90 mm. of diameter.
• Subchassis: Steel multitubular with elements of 15 mm. of diameter.
• Front suspension: Hidraulic fork with 34 mm. diameter bars. Travel 95 mm.
• Rear suspension: Progresive hidraulic monoshock. Travel 90 mm.
• Front brake: Hidraulic disc 240 mm with double piston caliper.
• Rear brake: Hidraulic disc 210 mm. with double piston caliper.
• Front tire: 120/70 x 12"
• Rear tire: 130/70 x 12"
• Reservoir: 7 liters. Range 200 km (aprox).
• Length: 1.838 mm.
• Width: 716 mm.
• Seat height: 797 mm.
• Weight: Aprox. 105 kg.


- Handlebar cables run inside the steering column.
- Headlamp halogen with H4 bulb. Turn and tail lights are made with group of leds.
- The engine-transmission package is attached to the chassis through a link with a silentblock filtering and isolating the vibration of the engine.